Jun 17, 2011

Búzios after and before the crowds

by Antonella Kann

Yes, I know, shame on me for not feeding you guys with new stuff regarding Brazil. I haven´t been around much myself, although crossing borders to neighborhoods like Bolivia and Chile might sound familiar. Though picturesque landscapes appeal to me, there´s nothing like going to places off-season, so I take the advantage to escape the crowds whenever - and wherever - there´s an opportunity. So before I begin thinking about the suggestions for you to spend New Year´s Eve in crowded places of Brazil, let me give you a short hint on where to go this winter.

Affordable-chic Búzios is a must-go destination between June and November - but bear in mind to skip the public holidays ( 23rd of June, 7th of September, 12th of October, 2nd and 15th of November) when the crowds do appear out of the blue. Other than those crucial dates, this seaside resort is a magical place, an Aladdin´s cave of quiet - almost deserted - beaches, secret coves and a handful of blissfully unpeopled restaurants to choose from. The location is fabulous, only a couple of hours from Rio, and the road is well maintained.

Pocket-sized enough for you to stroll around biking, hiking or even horseriding, there are some other relaxing ways to enjoy Búzios off-season: plenty of sunshine so you can guarantee a perfect suntan in just a weekend; low rainfall and enviable climate even if elsewhere the sun is not shining...Combine intimacy with grandeur, choosing one of the seaside boutique hotels which have mushroomed during the last few years. And act as a discerning traveller, spending time in a beautiful environment - which is a vital part of any holiday.

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