Jun 14, 2010

Rio 360º: amazing panoramic images by... the Russians!

by Antonella Kann
I usually delete any forwarded emails which seem fishy. They don't usually attract my attention unless they seem to be for a good cause.
Eventually, there are a few exceptions. One of them is when it's something to do with Rio de Janeiro in the past.
That's why I end up gazing at gorgeous b&w pics dating from decades ago, when Rio was really different from today.
But the city hasn't lost its magic. Even the landmarks, (some of which have unfortunately been erased from the map) are well-known by photographers, painters and moviemakers.

Now, when I received this fwd to show how the Russian eye views our town, I was curious:

But as I navigated the pano, I was amazed. Seen from the air, in such original bird's eye.
Check it out, it's worth it. Rio will always be iconic. And this little movie proves that it will always be possible to watch it from numerous points of view.
Here is the link - enjoy! and don't forget to click on the small dots on the right hand side to get the full effect and really have fun!

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