Jul 26, 2010

Under the spell of Ceará state, in Brazil's Nordeste

by Antonella Kann

Ceará is one of my favorite states. Not only because it´s so uncommonly beautiful in many distinguished features, like the endless stretches of sandy beaches and the wildness of nature which surrounds them.

It´s also oddly attractive because it´s as if time has stopped in several little seaside resorts, like Mundaú, as pictured here in some of the images. By the way, seasons are different in the northeast : now it´s “their summer”, so it´s as hot as it can be, dry and sunny.

Early morning you can go down to the seashore and watch as the fishermen come back from their catch. Dozens of people gather , some buying but many of them just waiting to be granted with the “leftovers”.

You will also spot people coming on donkeys, bikes and all kind of means of transportation. The sand gets very hard as the tide goes down. That´s why one of the best way to explore the region is with a funny sort of car called buggy, perfect for sandy beaches and very popular with tourists and locals.

The cearense ( those from Ceará) is a jolly good fellow, always very kind and willing to chat. And ready to show you around. But do not hurry in these places. No stress. Life goes on day after day, and while they are busy, folks will grin and eventually pose for your camera. If you start to chat, chances are you´ll never be waved away.

Also be prepared to eat as a local - fresh lobster, crabs and crayfish, delicious seafood straight from the nets, cooked, grilled or broiled. And, while you wait, facing the sea, sitting on a wooden stool, feet on the sand, ask for an “água de côco”, and sip the fresh coconut water inside its shell. Then, you´ll use “local tools” to eat - your fingers, at some point.

But I guarantee that you won´t regret a bite !

fishermen coming back after a busy day of work

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