Aug 4, 2010

Lençóis: in Bahia state…with no beaches

by Antonella Kann
Can you imagine Bahia without a beach? I agree, it´s hard to make the (dis)association. But believe me, this state has more than sand and sea to offer to its visitors.

History tells us that Bahia is a melting pot of culture and arts and always emphasizes the magic of its pristine beaches, so not everyone is aware that its mountains, canyons, green meadows and spectacular waterfalls are as impressive as its coastline.

Lençóis (nothing related with the Lençóis Maranhenses I talked about a few weeks ago), doesn´t even appear on its own in most guide books. But this little gem town is a fantastic retreat-kind-of-place located in the Chapada Diamantina, a National Park in the heart of the state of Bahia.

Though it´s not an uncommon destination, Lençóis is the perfect choice for the adventurous traveler who wants to enjoy the great outdoors, as the luxurious twist lies in the environment, spectacular and unique.

Still, even if you are a city slicker and prefer to stay put, you´ll find in this charming colonial town a handful of comfy hotels and good restaurants, as well as a range of festivities and events year-round.

For instance, the Festival of Lençóis which takes place in September will offers a range of shows, dances and plays.

But the adventurous traveler will relish the opportunity for fantastic hikes, and challenging itineraries, some which can last for days.

You could explore the surrounding area of the Chapada and nature lovers would make it a trip of a lifetime. Photographers will also be able to spot incredible images.

Life still goes on as in the past, with colonial buildings preserved and local atmosphere calm and relaxed.

Although less mentioned, Lençóis is a special place, and easily connected through Salvador by plane. Check with Brazilian airlines Trip. (

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