Sep 27, 2010

New Year´s Eve is on your doorstep…where are you going?

Fazenda da Lagoa´s swimming pool

by Antonella Kann

Have you already made plans for Christmas and New Year´s Eve? Ever considered spending a couple of weeks in Brazil, for a change? Well, I can tell you the good news and the bad news.

The bad ones is that this time of year the rates of whatever you may think about are at least twice the price they used to be. I mean from hotel rooms to car rental or a simple beer on the beach.

The good news is that this is the right time, just the right time, for you to find searching for a place which suits both your taste and budget. And still find it memorable. Just look at the room right in front of you...I have been receiving a few emails from a couple of resorts and pousadas, offering affordable packages for the end of 2010.

the beach at Corumbau, right in front of the pousada
As it will not fall other than on weekends, not many people will be able to take two whole weeks of vacation without calling them “vacation time”. What I mean is, if X-Mas or New Year´s would have fallen on a, let´s say, Wednesday, every excuse would do for you to forget there were Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday from at least one week.

This is the Fazenda São Francisco de Corumbau, it can´t get any better...
I can´t do the homework for you, since there´s no clue whether you´d prefer beach or mountain, silence or parties. What I can do write down some of my favorite hubs and particular spots where these dates can be enjoyed. Most of them are on this blog, so you can always go back a few clicks and find more details about them.

This week I will begin with very popular places by the sea, as well as resorts and pousadas which are – unfortunately – high rated, top of the list, and therefore may not even have availability anymore. Of course, you never know until you pick up the phone and speak to the manager. That´s what I do when I REALLY want to be there on a certain date. There´s always someone who cancels, right?

The Quadrado in Trancoso, the famous "square"

Let´s begin with peace and calm in the south of Bahia: near Ilhéus, try the Fazenda da Lagoa and in Corumbau, near Porto Seguro, the pousada to go is Fazenda de São Francisco It´s absolutely tourist-free and the beaches are yours. Of course, luxury and privacy never come for free.

pousada Etnia, a quiet place after the fireworks
For those wishing to spend every night out and watch the sunrise, Trancoso, also near Porto Seguro, is the perfect haven. Though I would rather sleep a bit outside the Quadrado, because at some point you´ll definitely need to shut your eyes. My choice would be the charming and comfortable Pousada Etnia.

Fernando de Noronha at sunset: the most beautiful show
Going up northeast, Fernando de Noronha is everyone´s dream island, although be prepared to spend a small fortune. If you can, it´s worth it. Nothing compares to its beaches and there´s a limit of less than 500 tourists a day. So, basically, you´re on your own. The always-will-always-was Pousada Zé Maria is a fair choice, not cheaper, but adequate. Reservation for this time of year is – to say the least ! – complicated. Worth trying, though.

Warm waters, beautiful scenery, almost on your own...That´s what an island is for.

Beautiful stretches of sand, long hikes on the beach.

The most famous "post card" from Fernando de Noronha

kite surfing is one of the many outdoor activities in Jeri
Again for party lovers, Jericoacoara, also up north in the state of Ceará, is fantastic. There´s plenty of activities and restaurants, and kite surfing, and long hikes. You can bet there´s still room available in the beachfront pousada Vila Kalango

The charming village of Jeri has many restaurants, bars and a nightlife for those seeking parties.

the Vila Kalango hotel, right on the beach

While you try to make up your mind, I will sort out some off-the-beaten path destinations where there might be a chance for you to find rest and peace or fireworks and music. In the meantime, let me know if your browsing was successful.


  1. Very nice post. New year´s eve in Brasil is one of the biggest in the world, and there are so many options.

    If you decide to take on Antonella´s advice and come to Brazil, you´d better run. Prices are going up as we speak, specially in places like Rio... The south of the country (specially Santa Catarina) is a good option to the always crowded Rio and Bahia (not that the cities in Santa Catarina will be less crowded... it is just a diferent type of public and music).

  2. Great site, excellent article Antonella, congratulations!

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    Come to spend New Yerar´s Eve in Florianópolis Island, You will love it!

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  3. I spend New Year's in Brazil two years ago in Ubatuba with my boyfriend and his family! I absolutely loved it there! I am going to be spending New Year's in Brazil for a second time this coming New Years. I love your blog and all the travel ideas on Brazil you give! Obrigada!

    Aubry |