Nov 28, 2010

Rio for tourists...

by Antonella Kann

Yes, indeed, Rio is one of the most stunning places on earth. A haven which has not yet been discovered by tourism, comparing with other places in the world. I daresay that the negative propaganda which spreads all over could be the reason for Brazil to have such a low number of visitors.
I realize that I am saying this in a very delicate moment, as you have been witnessing our momentaneous and vulnerable situation through international networks and newspapers.
Although the situation is still uncertain, I am not the least frightened. Nor were the hundred and some passengers in the flight which brought me home three days ago. Concerned, certainly, as I was, but so happy to be back to this luminous town, admire the beach and the sea, the tropical colors of summer, feel the heat in my bones.
Unfortunately, you usually hear the bad side of the story when it comes to Rio de Janeiro. And, unfortunately, this doesn´t help to bring tourists to this city or even to this country.
If you imagine that we have only 5,4 millions visitors per year, compared to France, which receives almost 60 million people...
For the last three days, my focus has been on Rio and how the police will detangle the situation.
We, the cariocas, are optimistic and willing to believe that soon we will be proud to offer our guests a refurbished town, where the word safety will be a reality.

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