Dec 25, 2010

New Year´s Eve resolutions

by Antonella Kann

As I told you a while before, I´m off to one of the most amazing spots in the northeastern shore of Brazil - Tibau do Sul, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.
There will be dolphins swimming by my side, dunes and miles of sandy beaches to stroll on, coconut water galore and peace.
And NO internet.
So, I apologise for those who will feel a bit postless for a few days, but it´s only a matter of days, really, while I´m spending New Year´s Eve in one of my favorite places. And as you can´t have it all, not being connected is the only caveat.
The good news is that everything that´s new will be transmitted to you as soon as I come back.
Have a happy New Year and try to make as many resolutions as you can.
Mine are: to travel more in 2011 and keep you posted even more next year!

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