Mar 5, 2011

Having fun with quads in Urubici, Brazil´s coldest region.

by Antonella Kann

You´ve probably thought that I´ve lost my compass in Santa Catarina and am still enjoying the blissful Ponta dos Ganchos´resort. Oh, well, I wish! But, although it´s not my purpose to let this blog go blank for so long, I´ve had internet problems which didn´t allow me to connect and post anything for you.

So, here I am, but not far from Florianópolis, Santa Catarina´s capital. Actually, from the sea we continued our trip towards the mountain range of Boqueirão, 174 km southwards. The roads were good, and gradually we felt that the temperature was getting lower by the minute.

Landscapes renowned as “european regions” are common along the way, as German, Swiss and eastern European immigrants came by the thousands before, during and after WW2. They chose the highest peaks of the Serra do Mar to install their homes and business, where the cooler climate and the vegetation reminded them of their hometown. Local gastronomy and architecture are by far the most characteristic of these foreign cultures.

When we reached our destiny, Urubici - where temperatures are known to dive down to minus 17 in winter time- our coats were already out of the suitcase.

We had an adventurous weekend to look forward to, which was driving quads all around the countryside, which is dotted by pine trees, green meadows, scenic canyons, waterfalls and rivers. Remote farmhouses don´t get more rural than those through which we drove past. The most astonishing views were, unfortunately, covered by fog and heavy clouds.

As I said, we were driving 4x4 quads, which can climb or slide down, well, whatever crosses your mind. In fact, we were on a off-road adventure, but nothing to be fearful about: anyone with a bit of common sense and ability can drive those powerful machines.I tried not be haunted by the memory of incidents and took it quite naturally that we were just soaked to the bone when it started to rain seriously. It didn´t spoil our day, but surely spoiled my pictures. So, I won´t have so many to post, but I can guarantee that next quad trip will be during a dry period.

My friends, the owners of quad tour operator Trip Tur ( are planning great expeditions, day trips and adventures for 2011, so if you are keen to face some challenge, and experience new sensations, you should check what´s the best option for you. No experience needed, only a way to manage a few drops of adrenaline in your mind.

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  1. amazing pictures...I really love the green nature..its so pleasent to look at