Jul 19, 2011

Itaipava Fair :a small shopping enclosure for good deals

by Antonella Kann

I really feel awfully guilty for not posting more while away from Brazil. But as soon as I´ll be back home, there´s a promise that I will sink into the latest good news for you. In the meantime, let me tell you about a little secret which is known only by the locals who spend time in the mountain region of Itaipava, Araras and neighborhood areas. It´s the Feirinha de Itaipava, which packs around 400 stalls of locally made clothes and accessories. And there´s more...

It´s not a tourist-trap and the attraction lies partly in browsing all of the stalls ( it won´t take a day, just a couple of hours) for good offers, besides getting the experience of shopping in a typically clothing fair. From bags to pets´clothes, you may find excellent children´s trousers, sweatshirts, shorts, dresses, socks, overalls and an infinite list of have-to-buy stuff, like underwear and hats...

The fair is partially outdoors, but on a rainy day will be okay as the stalls are protected. By the way, this fair happens only during the weekend, from 10 till 7 pm and is an ideal year-round program if you are on your way to Itaipava, Três Rios, Araras or Bonsucesso.

Of course, do not expect anything fashionable or fancy, or any well know brand, but the clothes have quality : Itaipava is reputed for its jerseys, which come in handy during winter time, when temperatures fall under 10º C in these places - which is considered frosty by the cariocas´standards. So, if you are not after a famous label on your sweat shirt, consider it a child´s play to look around and find yourself something comfy to watch TV in front of a fireplace.

By the way, you are only a couple of hours from busy Rio, so if your way passes along the BR-40, remember very few places pack as many hidden "gems" into such a small space. It´s an outlet for those who are inclined to spare a couple of bucks...Why not?

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