Jan 26, 2012

Speto's grafitti art: from São Paulo to Miami's Primary Flight

I've been a longtime fan of many of São Paulo's great grafitti artists, of which Speto is my favourite. 

After years of not seeing him, we ran into each other at Cavalera's fashion show, which was held at the Estação da Luz, a gorgeous old train station in São Paulo's Centro (Old Downtown).

That was enough excuse for me to write up a little post on him, so I could share some of his favourite work with you (photos below were taken from Speto's Flickr feed).

At the last Art Basel Miami, Speto's gallerist Baixo Ribeiro, who owns Choque Cultural gallery, accompanied him as Speto worked on his first work for  Primary Flight - an open-air museum. 

The work, pictured below, will be on show until the next editon of the art fair, in December.

Photo: Moro no Rio


  1. Mantenha as mensagens grandes chegando! Estou gostando muito de lê-los. Isso me dá alimento para o pensamento, com certeza.

  2. Graffiti art is truly fascinating to see, but it is illegal to some places. Seeing graffitis is always a head turner for me. They capture the raw essence of the designer’s imagination and portray their playful imagination. I just wish that they allow this kind of art to beautify the streets everywhere.

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  5. This graffiti art reminds me of Marc Chagall's modernism even if it is not as colourful as Chagall's paintings.

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