Mar 13, 2009

Single-plantation coffee at Nespresso boutiques in São Paulo and Rio

Single-plantation and controlled origin are are also becomming buzz words at today’s coffee shops. At Nestlé’s Nespresso Boutique Bars (with branches in São Paulo and Rio), espresso “pods” and machines are beautifully displayed just like shoes and purses at Gucci or Prada. “In spring and fall, we offer connoisseurs two rare Grand Crus, selected for their unique aroma and precious tasting profile, and available for only a limited time,” says Olivier Quillet, the brand’s International Marketing Director. The latest one is the Goroka, a “jewel” from “high up in the mountains of Papua New Guinea”. Once picked, the red cherries are immediately pulped to remove the bean as quickly as possible. Beans are fermented for three days with daily rinsing, followed by a day of total immersion in fresh water to bring out their taste. Even if you want a simple espresso, the Nespresso boutiques are the place to go. And now they serve small snacks, too.
Nespresso São Paulo (pictured above): Rua Padre João Manuel, 1164, Jardins (and also at Shopping Cidade Jardim)
Nespresso Rio: Rua Garcia D'Ávila, 117, Ipanema

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