Mar 22, 2009

Tauana, in Corumbau, Bahia: a hotel marrying haute design and unspoiled beach

That Southern Bahia is the de rigueur destination in Brazil for any hipster worth his or her Marc Jacobs shades, we all know. But few are aware that the frontier of cool has reached as far South as Corumbau, a sleepy seaside village of a few hundred fishermen. Down a bumpy dirt road and far from anything else is the Tauana, a luxury mini-hotel that seems right out of Wallpaper magazine. It was thought up and built by Portuguese architect Ana Catarina, who moved to this sunny paradise a few years ago.

The Tauana is one of a trio of luxury hotels - the others being Vila Naiá and Fazenda São Francisco - that have put the village of Corumbau on the world map. All three, thankfully, take great care not to let all the trappings of luxury get in the way of the exuberant flora and fauna.

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