Jun 15, 2009

François Simon, France's top food critic, raves about the Fasano in São Paulo

It's been sending shock waves on the web and being twittered to-and-fro: the respected and much feared French food writer François Simon, restaurant critic for Le Figaro, wrote an ecstatic rave about his dinner at the Fasano restaurant in São Paulo. The title of his blog post says it all: "Sweet Jesus, this Fasano is the shocker of the year!". He drank wine from the Piedmont and said that "it was pure joy, each second, with each bite, I realized I was in the midst of my best meal of the year".

For those who read French, the link to the post is here.

For those who don't, just take his word for it (and mine, too): the Fasano is not only stunning, but has impeccable service and food, like few places I've seen in my travels. Not to be missed.

Fasano: Rua Vittorio Fasano, 88, Jardins, tel. 55 11 3062-4000

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