Nov 3, 2009

Rogerio Fasano will open a Fasano hotel in Salvador in one or two years

Old headquarters of A Tarde, from the A Tarde Online website

For those of you who know the Fasano Rio, great news: owner Rogerio Fasano is expanding to Salvador, Bahia and will open a new property there in 2011 or 2012. The Fasano Salvador is being designed by Isay Weinfeld, the same architect behind the other two Fasanos.

But unlike the other two, this new Fasano will ocupy an old building, which used to house the headquarters of A Tarde newspaper. It will be gutted and completely renovated, which estimates say will cost around US$ 20 million. The Fasano Salvador will have 75 rooms and four very posh suites, many with sweeping views of All Saints Bay. As the Fasano family is renowned for their restaurants, this property, too, will have one of its own. And a bar/lounge called Uptown.

Weinfeld has designed an expansion of the Art Déco building, adding a pool to the rooftop, among other things. It's sure to become quite the scene when it opens, just like Rio's rooftop pool....

And here, a link to everything else written about the Fasanos on this blog.

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