Nov 13, 2009

Graffiti art on show at MASP museum in São Paulo, starting next Wednesday

São Paulo has one of the world's most vibrant graffiti art scenes in the world. And, at long last, the big museums and institutions are taking notice and introducing these artists to the mainstream. An example? The "De Dentro pra Fora, De Fora pra Dentro" show, opening at São Paulo's MASP museum. It's a site-specific installation by artists Zezão, Titi Freak, Daniel Melim, Ramon Martins (pictured below) and Carlinhos Dias which has taken over the museum's basement and mezzanine.

“Visitting this show will be like strolling through São Paulo’s streets, in a way”, says Baixo Ribeiro, owner of Choque Cultural art gallery (specialized in street art), the mastermind behind the show.

“Brazilian graffiti is different in that the major artists actually paint. And paint amazingly well, in works of large dimensions", says Ribeiro. "And what's interesting is that these specific artists are incredible muralists".

Photos: courtesy of Baixo Ribeiro

To learn more and see more by these graffiti artists, click here.

MASP: Av. Paulista, 1.578 Tuesdays-Sundays. Tickets are R$ 15 (and free on Tuesdays) Tel. 55- 11 3251-5644
(Please note that the actual permanent collection of the museum is closed to the public for extensive renovations and rearranging).

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