Jan 28, 2009

Artists Vik Muniz and Nuno Ramos open shows in Rio

Two big names in Brazilian art will be showing in Rio this season.

The first is
Vik Muniz, who today is the best-known Brazilian artist abroad, whose exhibition opened last Friday at the MAM museum.

The show takes over an expanse mearuring 1300 square meters and includes 131 photographic works - many of them tryptichs.

MAM - Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, 85, Parque do Flamengo, Centro, tel. (55-21) 2240-4944

Then on March 18, Anita Schwartz Art Gallery will open the show "Dead Sea", with original and new works by famed artist Nuno Ramos.

He will create the work "Dead Sea (Soap Opera 2)" at the gallery itself, by melting soap and using it to coat two boats – one fishing boat and one canoe, measuring 11 and 7 meters, respectively, and weighing a total of two tons. The melting process and hardening of the soap will take about one week. The boats will criss-cross one another, “like razors”. Speakers, also covered with soap, will play a text called – what else? - "Dead Sea", written by Ramos himself. On the gallery’s third floor, Nuno Ramos will show two works of the “Relevos” series, which he refers to as "paintings", but are, rather, huge structures composed of metal, fabric and oil paint (pictured below). Inside a container set up on the terasse videoart (“Casco”, 2004) will be shown.

Anita Schwartz Galeria de Arte Rua José Roberto Macedo Soares, 30, Gávea, Tel: (55-21) 2274-3873

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