Jan 28, 2009

Corredor Chopin: new art hub next door to Copacabana Palace hotel

When I was in Rio last November, I stopped by the opening of the so-called Corredor Chopin.

The name is a bit cryptic, but actually it's nothing more than a hidden alley runing along the side of the famed Chopin building in Rio (that of the legendary New Year's parties). The posh antique shop
Antiquário Arnaldo Danemberg has been there forever, as has the Pequena Galeria 18, owned by Mário Cohen, the first gallery in Brazil to specialize in photography.

Since last November, there's a newcomer, owned by three society gals, called Galeria Tempo (pictured above). It, too, sells art photography.

So the three businesses got together and decided to name themselves the Corridor Chopin.

Galeria Tempo: Av. Atlântica, 1.782, loja E. Tel. (55-21) 2255-4586

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