Jan 11, 2009

São Paulo art gallery shows American art

Choque Cultural is São Paulo's premier grafitti and urban art gallery. It made its name for showing art by Brazilian grafitti greats that went on to earn fame and fortune in the U.S., like osgemeos and Spetto. Choque shows art that is mostly ignored by the mainstream galleries and the Brazilian museus, much of it clearly influenced by the street scene and graffitti.

From a press release: "Choque Cultural (meaning Culture Shock) started as a print publisher in Brazil. Over the years they have produced more than 150 print editions on various papers and in different sizes representing the diverse techniques of close to 90 Brazilian and international artists. In 2004, Choque opened their first gallery space in São Paulo, showing exhibitions anchored with a young contemporary audience. Every exhibition is a new installation where the artist brings the aesthetic and energy of the street indoors. In the four years Choque Cultural Gallery has been open, it has exhibited many young contemporary artists; old masters, such as 60’s Pop Gerald Laing; and popular mid-career artists including; Beatriz Milhazes, Vic Muniz, and Shepard Fairey."

From January 17 until February 27 it will be showing works by four American artists:


Not only will they show original work, but they'll also create work for this specific show during their stay in the city. They will also work on a collective painting.


Adam Wallacavage is an important figure in the American Surrealist Pop scene. The sculptor and photographer is known for his "chandeliers" made of drystone and coated in an irridescent powder (below). Some of these chandeliers will be shown at Choque.

Doze Green developed his complex drawings and textures both at the High School of Art and Design part in the Hip Hop scene. He's a great inspiration to Brazilian grafitti artists.

Jim Houser is a skater from Philadelphia. He likes to incorporate the scenery into his art, drawing and painting on objects, the floor, the walls and anything else that surrounds him. He'll be showing some of his "painted objects".

Tara McPherson started off designing flyers and posters for rock bands, and that heritage is very present in her paintings. She'll show ten paintings but also posters and engravings.

In 2007, Choque Cultural made an official partnership with Jonathan Levine's New York gallery. Since then, Levine has shown Brazilian street art, and vice-versa: Choque showed some of Levine's artists in January 2008 and does so for a second time this month.

It is the first time that these four American artists show in Brazil.


Rua João Moura, 997

Tel: (55-11) 3061 4051

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