Dec 8, 2009

Asia restaurant, in Santa Teresa, Rio: beautiful décor, exotic dishes

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And now continues the renaissance of the bohemian Santa Teresa district in Rio, with the opening of yet another hip and pricey restaurant, called Asia, owned by a Brit and a man from Malaysia.

The place is quite beautiful, and the food is... you guessed it: Asian! We've heard and read mixed reviews: slow service, packaged fruit juices, etc., but good food.

Here are more details, from the press release:

A truly Asian taste experience, Asia restaurant is situated in the heart of Santa Teresa’s bohemian community, 10 minutes from downtown via the picturesque Bonde, the only surviving tram service in Rio. It’s also just 15 minutes from Copacabana, and 20 minutes from Ipanema.


Its beautiful heritage building has been transformed with stylish modern designer interiors, offering dining and drinking on four levels, overlooking the lush tropical terraced gardens that form a part of one of the largest urban forests in the world.The menu, prepared by a team of Gold Medal award-winning master chefs, offers the tastes and flavours of Asia, including specialities from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and India.


Asia also introduces Dim Sum to Rio for the first time, a selection of steamed, fried and baked delicacies, similar to Spanish tapas. As well as Dim Sum, there is a menu with wider Asian influences, including traditional Malaysian Satay, stir-fries, exotic curries, and mouth-watering desserts. For the uninitiated, sampler menus will enable guests to experience the full range of these exciting new taste sensations.Asia is also introducing an extensive selection of specially imported Chinese teas.


(...) The glass-walled kitchen level offers tables as well, allowing guests to see the chefs at work, with special Dim Sum and noodle-making demonstrations during service. "

Asia Restaurante E Bar: Rua Almirante Alexandrino, 256Santa Teresa, Tel: 55- 21 2224 2014


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  1. Unfortunately the restaurant closed down. It is a pitty. Charming place and beautiful.