Dec 21, 2009

JK Iguatemi mall set to open in 2010, Iguatemi mall has two new pop-ups


Set to open in October of 2010,
Shopping JK Iguatemi will be a giant in a city of giants. Three office towers, one luxury mall with 240 boutiques, etc. etc. - the numbers (of millions being spent on construction, of the square footage) are staggering.

We know São Paulo is huge and increasingly rich but are there enough shoppers for yet another temple of consumption? And super close to megastore Daslu, on top of it? Not sure...

In the meantime, the original Iguatemi, which for many years has been the poshest mall in town, is rolling out new stuff. November saw the opening of an 
Isabella Giobbi pop-up store, selling not only the designer's summer collection (think lots of silk and firefly prints) but also coffee table books and things for the home.


Another it-girl, the raven-haired beauty Helena Linhares, also opened a pop-up store at the Iguatemi, which will be up and running until January 31.  The fashions, designed by Cacá Garcia, are inspired by the Miami of the thirties and forties. Here's one of the articles on the opening, showing Cacá (at left) and Helena (at right) with songstress Marina Lima, Helena's vvgf (very very good friend).

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