Dec 6, 2009

Boox, in Ipanema, is coolest supper club in Rio

Supper clubs are everywhere, and the reason why they keep proliferating is obvious: everyone loves to be able to go out to dinner and then be able to stay on at the same place for the post-dinner party. Call it a two-in-one deal.

From what I hear, Boox in Ipanema is Rio's answer to the supper club craze. Asian-fusion-impossible-to-describe food is totally beside the point: go for the beautiful décor and the party vibe. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that it's only a few blocks away from the hottest hotel in town, the Fasano.

Boox Lounge
Rua Barão da Torre, 368 - Ipanema
tel. 55 21 2522-3730

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  1. I must say that me and a number of other hotel guests were appalled at the scene that took place at the Fasano about 1 month ago. Prostitutes were everywhere. Living in Rio I know a lot of tourists come for this but the blatent scene at the London Bar and then at the rooftop bar the next day- several call girls (one clearly transvestite) attending to a group of cheezy pretentious loser guys. They ruined the serene atmosphere on the roof- guests were mortified. Eventually, a round of champagne cocktails was brought around to all guest at the pool courtesy of the ringleader of the group of cheesy losers- and Fasano permitted him to buy his way! Unbelievalbe! Classy people in Rio are not impressed by Fasano- take note management!