Jan 26, 2010

Livraria da Vila, in the Jardins district of São Paulo: beautiful architecture!


Isay Weinfeld: remember this name. He is the number one architect in Brazil, today. And very prolific: in recent years he's designed countless mansions, stores and restaurants. He's most famous for his work for the Fasano group (including the Fasano hotel), but I am particularly enamoured with his project of the bookstore Livraria da Vila, an outpost of the original flagship in Vila Madalena.

The newer Livraria da Vila, in the heart of the posh Jardins district, is nothing short of stunning.

Pivoting doors contain, in the interior, bookshelves. The solid, concrete rectangular box contains 3 levels, and oval and square cutouts reveal glimpses of the other floors as one stands on the ground floor.

Bookshelves are purposely assymetrical and heavily loaded, mimmicking a used book store. Comfy indigo-covered couches are a nice break from the formality of the architecture.

Nas duas laterais do longo retângulo, paredes repletas de estantes de livros, cuidadosamente desalinhadas. Aqui e ali, sofás revestidos de tecido jeans, e recortes inesperados, revelando geometrias de impacto.


Oh, and I guess I've got to tell you about the books! Fear not: there are thousands of great finds in English, French, you name it. It is quite possibly the best bookstore in town.

Livraria da Vila: Al. Lorena, 1731, tel. (55-11) 3062-1063

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