Feb 8, 2010

210 Diner: haute burger craze arrives in São Paulo


São Paulo is never far behind as far as trends are concerned. It has its speakeasies (Sub Astor is the best one), its tecnoemotional restaurant (D.O.M.), and now, right on the heels of NY, a pig-centric high-end burger joint.


It's called 210 Diner and it's owned by chef Benny Novak, the same guy behind the excellent Tappo Trattoria.

On the menu:

- Burgers
- Baby Back Ribs
- House-smoked Bacon with maple syrup
- Eggs Benedict

- Grilled meats like Rib Eye, Porter House, NY Strip, Skirt Steak.
- Matze Ball Soup
- Philli Steak Sandwich
- Tuna Melt Sandwich
- Onion rings and chicken wings

Devil’s food cake
Red Velvet Cake
Apple Pie


Diner 210: Rua Pará, 210, Higienópolis, tel. 3661-1219

And more of chef Benny Novak on this blog:
Tappo Trattoria, a great little Italian in the Jardins district

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