Aug 10, 2011

Barra de São Miguel, a place to be revisited

by Antonella Kann/photos by Rogério Maranhão

Can you see that picture above? Well, that´s where I will head to in October. Okay, I understand if you feel a bit envious. Off the beaten track it is - a marvellous beach called Barra de São Miguel, 30 kms from Alagoas´ state capital, Maceió. I remember going there...hummm...20 years ago, to spend New Year´s Eve. Our family and some friends had rented a house for 10 days and spent a memorable vacation. There was nothing besides a few villas lined along the deserted beach and the weather was perfect. So, that´s the place filled with memories where I want to go back. Now, in style, as a host of this eco-chic design resort called Kenoa, a new kid (just off) the block, which opened less than 2 years ago.

This impressive architecture is home to 23 luxurious suites, ranging from 45 to 200 square meters, depending which accommodation you choose. Some even have a private jacuzzi overlooking the beach. Whow! I am looking forward, that´s for sure! Specially when summer´s crowds have not yet arrived and this stretch of sandy beach is the perfect haven for relaxing, fancy long walks and tan yourself under the nicest weather ever.

Barra de São Miguel could easily become the destination on everybody´s lips, specially when you can stay in such a serenely stylish paradise known to only the savviest of travellers. But I´d feel bad if I wouldn´t share this secret with you, and though I still do not know the Kenoa personally, there´s little doubt that it will be a knock-out! Besides all the ammenities in the room, there´s a spa, a restaurant and a lounge to feel as pampered as royalty.

Spending nights in this beautiful environement is a vital part of any holiday. As I am focused on suggesting special spots for spending New Year´s Eve, I wouldn´t be pushing the envelope if I didn´t tell those nature buffs to consider Barra de São Miguel as a perfect choice. It may - as usual! - cost you a leg and an arm, but trust me, it´s worth it. I´ve been told that they still have availability, so...rush!

Every detail in the Kenoa draws my eyes like a magnet, as creature comforts were not overlooked: huge luxurious bed, peerless views, wi fi, huge TV, you name it. I expect my stay to be deliriously good and I promise to keep you posted.

tel.55 82 3272 1285

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