Aug 15, 2011

Gastronomic festival in Tiradentes

by Antonella Kann

Just a quick reminder, because maybe you´ve just heard some rumors about the gastronomic festival which will be held in Tiradentes, the charming colonial town located 333 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro. Dates? It´s starts on Friday 19th and finishes on the 28th of August. Your best bet is to check their site or through the phone 31-30291686 .

The Gourmet Fest is only one of the events which take place in Tiradentes, but it´s certainly one of the busiest time of the year. People come from all places and the hotels are probably booked long in advance. But don´t loose hope: try to find accommodation somewhere in the vicinity. My suggestion would be a place called Hotel Fazenda Rochedo ( tel.55 32 3354 2439 or check their site This cozy hotel is located some 30 km from Tiradentes. While away from the buzzling festival, you can go horseriding and hiking. Best of all, sleep amidst a beautiful landscape. On the other hand, you can spend the day in Tiradentes and enjoy several workshops and demos which are presented in spaces open to the public.

Reputed chefs, such as Paco Roncero and Alex Atala are going to be present at the Fest and will host special dinners. I am not sure if you are still on time to get tickets for these festims, as they are called, but nevertheless try through the phone 55 31 30291686. Or check the festival´s site These culinary treats do not come cheap, but it´s a once in a lifetime experience.

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