Aug 4, 2011

Flexeiras, very secluded hub for New Year´s Eve

by Antonella Kann

Just take a deep breath - and a good look! - at the picture, then at the tiny swimming pools behind the coconut trees, then at the sandy beach, the translucid sea...Yes, it´s real. Doesn´t it make you want to transpond yourself immediately into that pretty setting? Now, just fancy yourself arriving in this fishing village called Flexeiras - just about 40km from capital Fortaleza, Ceará - which, did I mentionned before, is my favorite state in the whole of Brazil. Chances are that after reading this post you´ll have the urge to consider spending New Year´s Eve there, just splurging but also enjoying one of the most privy place on earth. The resort is called Orixas Art Hotel ( and is relatively a new kid on the block - oops! sorry, on this beautiful fragment of sandy beach located a world away from the agitated places.

But, even if it can cost you a leg and an arm ( which usually happens during high season and specially the end of the year), you´ll need to look no further than a few feet to unearth the best unspoilt beach ever. From your suite - which bear names like Babalaós, Oxum, Yemanjá , Obaluayá, all deities from Afro-Brazilian culture, revered by locals of the northeastern coast - you can have peerless views of the sea, coconut grove and the jangadas, the typical fishermen´s boats. Ah, by the way, you can go for a nice ride on one of them, I guarantee you´ll enjoy it.

Blissfully unpeopled, pocket size Flexeiras is not for an urbanite. It´s been a while since I´ve known this small village, and was impressed. Hopefully, it has maintained its characteristics, so that you´ll have the feeling of being a traveller instead of a tourist. Hopefully.

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