Feb 24, 2009

The best photos of Carnival in Rio and São Paulo

Photo: Wish Report Online

At this time of the year the web is overflowing with carnival photos, most of them of sweaty near-nude beauties (or near-beauties) showing of their samba steps on the avenue, glitter and sequins galore.

The smaller, more exclusive parties - which usually take place in private homes or in camarotes (VIP lounges) overlooking the revellers, are documented mainly by 3 sites, listed below (simply click on the logos to access the sites). This year, the talk of the town are Mathew McConaughey and his Brazilian girlfried Camila Alves, who stayed at the Fasano Rio hotel and left today. For more on that, click here.

The Glamurama website is owned by Joyce Pascowitch, who had, for many years, a Page Six-like column in Folha de São Paulo, Brazil's largest daily newspaper. Fun lifestyle snippets, loads of photos, hot news items. The biggest of the three.

Wish Report is a luxe fashion and lifestyle magazine widely read by the Brazilian high-society circles and the ultra-rich . Its website, aside from great fashion, travel, shopping and restaurant tips, has some Carnival coverage, including photos of their brand new camarote in Salvador, Bahia.

RG is the name of an offshoot of Vogue that covers parties and celebrities. The monthly magazine now has a revamped website with extensive Carnival coverage, including of its own Carnival party, which took place about 10 days ago in São Paulo.

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