Feb 27, 2009

Chef Bel Coelho opens new restaurant in São Paulo

Bel Coelho is a young talent who made a name for herself when she opened Sabuji restaurant, in São Paulo - it quickly garnered several awards and pushed her to the forefront of the city's gastronomic scene. This Alex Atala protegée, who's classically trained but aligns herself with the tecnoemotional movement as well, hasn't found her stride ever since she left Sabuji to open a Brazilian restaurant in London which never took off.

Now, after a puzzling stint as the chef at São Paulo's Buddha Bar outpost, she's back. She's opening in May a new restaurant called Dui (pictured above) in the Jardins district. Less ambitious and less expensive than Sabuji ever was, Dui aims to be a casual place with a tapas-like menu, albeit with a contemporary twist. There will be an extensive wine by-the-glass list and heavy Spanish influence throughout.

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