Aug 27, 2009

Cristo Redentor statue in Rio stars in Hollywood blockbuster

Scary thought: Rio's Christ the Redeemer statue, one of the world's most iconic monuments, being washed away by a ferocious tide, as the end of the world arrives early. What the ?!

The image above is actually a promo for the movie 2012, being released by Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures in November. It's about... uh... the end of the world! Here's the movie's site.

Or better yet: go see the real thing.

The Christ Redeemer statue was deservedly elected by the cariocas the "The Wonder of Rio". The statue itself is only 38 meters tall – but it sits at the top of Corcovado Hill, 710 meters above sea level. Officially, it pays homage not only to Christ but to Our Lady of Aparecida, Brazil's patron saint, and it's been drawing thousands of tourists since 1931. A few years ago it underwent a huge renovation and powerful lights were installed so that it can be seen from virstually all over Rio. Cars are allowed to drive up the mountain, but the easiest and safest way is to take a cab to the starting point of the tram that takes tourists up, which is on Cosme Velho road. The train runs every day, from 8:30 am to 6 pm. Information: +55 (21) 2558-1329.

Official site for the Christ the Redeemer statue and Corcovado Mountain

Video showing the Christ the Redeemer statue and Corcovado Mountain

Photos: courtesy of Riotur

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