Aug 11, 2009

Lanchonete da Cidade serves the best burgers in São Paulo

São Paulo doesn't even come close to New York when it comes to diners and burger joints but.... it does have a few addresses that are tough to beat. One is the über traditional Frevo, a.k.a. Frevinho, where the "beirute" sandwiches (hot and made in a pita) are legendary. The other is Lanchonete da Cidade, which means, literally, city diner.

The place seems to take you back to what São Paulo was in the fifties. And the menu, too, pays homage to the city's culinary past. There's a reason why many of the city's top chefs end their nights here. The dogs, burgers and fries are always spot on: perfeclty executed. One of the best choices is the mini Bombom burguer:

But recently they've also launched a deluxe kobe beef burger, called Bombom DeLuxe, with a 220 gram-patty and served with horseradish mayo. Each one of these comes with a serial number, so you feel pretty special ordering it...

Lanchonete da Cidade: Alameda Tietê, 110, 
tel: 3086 3399

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