Aug 24, 2009

Curumim and SP Bureau: private tailored walking tours of Rio and São Paulo

Of all the requests I get for information on Brazil – and they are many! – the most common query is: “Where do I find a reliable tour guide?”

So I figured the best thing would be to share here on the blog my 2 best contacts.

In São Paulo, you can’t go wrong with Diogo, of the company SP Bureau. He does tailored half of full day tours of the city that are 100% tailored to you. It can be as specific as you’d like, with a focus on such topics as modern architecture, graffiti, high-end shopping, the Old Downtown (Centrão), etc.

Diogo usually suggests a combo of walking and cabbing, but can easily arrange tours with a private driver.

In Rio, Márcio Macedo of the firm Curumim Eco Cultural Tours offers a similar service. One of his top itineraries is visitting food markets and bar hopping to taste cachaças then ending the tour with lunch at a lovely restaurant in the charming Santa Teresa district.

Click here to see a photo-by-photo account of my amazing half-day tour with Diogo

Diogo Oliveira, SP Bureau: tel. (55 11) 3104-3577,

Márcio Macedo, Curumim: cell (55-21) 9999-4157,

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  1. Eu gostei muito deste post. É fácil ficar sobrecarregado pensando em todos os blogs no mundo e quantos deles eu gostaria de cobrir. Você fez o processo muito mais controlável.