Feb 10, 2010

Corumbau, in Southern Bahia: luxury and unspoiled natural beauty

by Antonella Kann

Top of the List for Bahia´s secret beaches : Corumbau, far from the madding crowd.

In the tupi-guarani language, Corumbau means “ far from everything”. Blessed by a geographical position that isolates it from popular places, this paradise is situated between Caraivas and Cumuruxatiba. Its isolation is due to the fact that it´s almost inaccessible by land, and better reached by air or sea, weather permitting.

But for those in search of true peace and quiet, unspoilt beaches framed by cliffs and an unending coconut grove, it´s the place to look forward to. The stretch of sand is so long – almost 13 kilometres - that you can walk for hours without encountering another soul, at any time of the year, even during peak seasons like Carnival, X-Mas and New Year´s eve.

The natural isolation also means that the fishermen who live in the only tiny community have retained their old traditions and do not seem inclined to encourage any tourist trade. So there´s no pharmacy, no bakery nor any other shops in the village. If you are keen to spend some pocket money, lok for the native Tapajós Indians who are usually in the area selling their wooden artifacts or necklaces made with seeds from tropical plants.

Unbelievable as it may seem, Corumbau does not lack 5 stars establishments. Best of all the Fazenda São Francisco, one of the most charming places to stay. Furthermore, the place combines informality with impeccable service and luxurious accommodations. And coconut water galore…for free.

The all-inclusive system contemplates the guests with high standard gastronomy and eventual attractions like demonstration of capoeira ( a martial sport very popular in Brazil) in the premises. Also, apart from interminable walks on the beach and swimming in warm, calm waters, you can go for a day cruise aboard the pousada´s schooner to the coral reefs of Itacolomi and Pataxo.

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