Feb 11, 2010

Landing in Rio: spectacular scenery from the plane

Aterrissando no Rio da janela 19F, lado direito, da Gol

Ricardo Freire, Brazil's most famous travel writer, is spending Carnival in Rio, filming a series of ads for the web portal Hotéis.com.

In fact, he's just landed in Rio, and we thought we'd share the awesome pics he took from the plane, as he landed. Above, the famous Sugarloaf.

Nos aproximando da cidade


Olha o Maraca aí, gente!

The Maracanã stadium, one of the biggest in the world....

Minha alma canta, etc.

The world-famous Christ statue (Cristo Redentor).

A primeira visão do Pão

More Sugarloaf...

Niterói, visto da pista do Santos Dumont

Ricardo Freire's original blog post, in Portuguese, here.

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