Feb 11, 2010

Maraú Peninsula: unspoilt sandy beaches, natural pools, exuberant nature,five star ecological resort

Infinity pool of Kiaroa Eco Resort

Partial view of Kiaroa Eco Resort

by Antonella Kann

The reason that the Maraú Peninsula is immune to mass tourism is that it´s really complicated to get there. Situated on Baia de Camamú, the region is outstandingly beautiful and unspoiled. The Atlantic forest is preserved with a profusion of mango groves that frame almost 40 kilometres of deserted beaches.


The long ribbon of white sand starts at Três Coqueiros, a beach with powerful waves that frame the small village of Barra Grande. In this community most of the 500 inhabitants survive from fishing and handicrafts. Besides the fishermen, there are also a few foreigners who, bewitched by the Eden-like atmosphere of the place, have settled themselves in Maraú. And although there´s no bank or ATM´s, you can find cozy restaurants with elaborate cuisine and even a jazz club by the sea.

local crafts

But it´s between Barra Grande and Saquaíra that the visitor finds the most magnificent stretches of sand. The small town of Taipus de Fora, reputed to have one of the loveliest beaches on the Brazilian coast, reveals a breathtaking scenery at low tide, when natural pools form all along, with warm and translucent water. Ideal for diving in this huge aquarium!

Fishermen in their "jangadas"

In a region which is relatively primitive, you will be surprised to find a high class establishment such as the Kiaroa Eco-Luxury Resort set in one of the lushest corners of the Peninsula.

And it's worth the trip. Described to offer “ a tropical atmosphere that stressed city people dream about” by the German publishers of Ecological Hotels, from Fusion Publishing, the hotel has only 28 luxurious and sophisticated accommodations, most with their own private pool, and extends to all guests an extremely competent service. Not to mention the food....

Banana-da-terra petit gateau

Selling "coalho" cheese on beach

And, in order not to melt your credit card, why not take advantage of their special offers which start right after Easter till September, when you could spend 7 nights for the price of 6? Just indulge yourself to enjoy life's little luxuries – though the greatest one comes from the unspoilt natural world which frames land and seascape.

Pineaple caipirinha

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  1. Marau is our paradise!! Great place! I miss the "coalho"...