Apr 23, 2009

Juqueí, in São Paulo state: Gulero and other restaurants

The Northern part of São Paulo state's coastline is called the Litoral Norte.
Although the beaches that line this part of the coast are beautiful, they've been
over-developed and get crowded during the high-season, between Christmas
and Carnaval.

A good time to go is in the Brazilian fall and spring. Best beaches, with
the highest concentration of pousadas (inns) and restaurants,
are Juqueí and Camburi.

A great bet in Juqueí is Gulero, on the main drag. Cute colonial house with potted
tropical plants. It gets a high rating in the Guia Brasil Quatro Rodas 2008.
Av. Mãe Bernarda, 271 (Juqueí)
Tel: (12)3863-1397

Other restaurants in Juqueí include:

Madre - Mexican food
R. Claudio Izidoro Espírito Santo, 251 (Juqueí)
Tel: (12)3863-3064

Chapéu de Sol - fish and seafood
Av. Mãe Bernarda, 2001 (Juqueí)
Tel: (12)3863-3028

Badauê - fish and seafood
Av. Mãe Bernarda, 2005 (Juqueí)
Tel: (12)3863-3028

Av. Mãe Bernarda, 856 (Juqueí)
Tel: (12)3863-2907

Av. Mãe Bernarda, 637 (Juqueí)
Tel: (12)3863-2609

R. Argemiro Amâncio dos Santos, 181 (Juqueí)
Tel: (12)3863-2174

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  1. Imagem de amostra Nice. É muito relaxante, lugar tranquilo e limpo. Eu acho que muitas pessoas podem apreciá-lo. Mais potência e obrigado por compartilhar.