Apr 23, 2009

Manacá, the best restaurant in São Paulo's Litoral Norte

Manacá. No other restaurant on the coast of São Paulo state is better known or more reputable. It's been around forever and is a favourite of well-to-do paulistas. At dusk, the setting is magical: elevated passarelles cross thick tropical foliage and deliver guests to an open-air restaurants with separate dining areas.

Don't be fooled by the menu focusing on fish and seafood: dinners at Manacá aren't exactly light. Even the white fish tartare is tossed with cream, and is cloyingly rich. The delicious

Spaghetti al Mare is a good bet for those with no plans to kiss anyone. The sole with peas and potato mash glistens under a big helping of truffled butter. Hearty indeed.

Manacá is, in short, a great little beach restaurant with big ambitions and is what the French would call an incontournable. You can't really go to Litoral Norte and not give it a try...

Manacá: Rua do Manacá, 102
Tel. (12)3865-1566


Estrada do Camburi, 2000 (Camburi)
Tel: (12)3865-1866

Estrada do Camburi, 696 (Camburi)
Tel: (12)3865-2204

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