May 14, 2009

Kaa, a stunning São Paulo restaurant, has new menu by chef Pascal Valero

Opened in December of 2008, Kaa is one of São Paulo's most beautiful restaurants. Huge, its trademark is the "live wall" covered with greenery. The menu has just been redone by one of the city's top chefs, Pascal Valero. Favourites include the ravioli of foie gras with mushrooms and truffle oil (R$ 54, pictured below) and the shrimp, zuchini flower and vegetable tempura (R$ 64).

Valero is not only a chef but also a pâtissier. He suggests for dessert a caramel tiramisù with coffee granita and hazelnut nougatine (R$ 15).

Here are other dishes featured on the menu:

Terrine de foie gras com flor de sal e marmelada de figo
R$ 44,00
Ravióli de foie gras e champignon com molho de Paris e azeite de trufas
R$ 54,00
Stinco de vitela assada com polenta mole de quirela, pinhões e cogumelos
R$ 59,00
Tortelini de bacalhau, bechamel de alho porro e molho de champignons
R$ 45,00
Camarões e legumes em tempurá ao mediterrâneo
R$ 64,00
Codornas recheadas, coulis de maça com açafrão e morcilha
R$ 53,00
Tiramisù de caramelo com granité de café e nougatine de avelãs
R$ 15,00

Kaa was designed by renowned architect Arthur Casas, and was inspired by the open-air lounges he saw in Ibiza, Miami and the Algarve.

Owners are Paulo Kress (who also has a great burguer place called General Prime Burger), the very in-vogue chef Paulo Barroso de Barros (Due Cuochi) and restaurateur Daniel Sahagoff (Cantaloup).

Av. Juscelino Kubitscheck, 279 – Vila Olímpia
Tel: (55-11) 3045-0043

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